Zulj brothers in the future at SK Sturm? “Would like to play with him again”

For Robert Zulj, the season in the 2nd Bundesliga could hardly go better. With 12 hits and 14 assists, the 29-year-old is significantly involved in leading the VFL Bochum table. Compared to the Small newspaper The ex-Ried player was angry about the ÖFB and revealed plans to kick back together with brother Peter Zulj.

So far, ÖFB head coach Franco Foda has not considered Bundesliga legionnaire Robert Zulj for the squad appointment – despite recent good performances. This pissed off the native Upper Austrian. “I’m playing a great season right now and I was hoping that the last seminar would give me a chance to show everyone that I am still a good player. Unfortunately, the coach didn’t see it that way,” he said, disappointed.

In March it wasn’t even enough to be on Foda’s call list. “I was clearly disappointed, even if you look at who did what in my position. My qualities weren’t there in the squad,” said Zulj.

The striker left the rumors of change about his personality unanswered for the time being. One gives footballtransfers.com Believe, then there is apparently Zulj an offer from Dubai. Italian and Turkish clubs should also be on it.

Will the Zulj brothers run into SK Sturm in the future?

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