Zoran Barisic: “I would have expected a different club for Ljubicic”

On Monday it became official: After 15 years at SK Rapid, captain Dejan Ljubicic is moving to Germany for 1. FC Köln. A change that came as a surprise.

Because the name 1. FC Köln did not appear in the rumor mill before. There was speculation about Eintracht Frankfurt and ominous negotiations in Rome.

Finally, Ljubicic opted for Cologne and may even risk a season in the 2nd Bundesliga. The billy goats are in the middle of the relegation battle of the Bundesliga.

The change also surprised Rapid sports director Zoran Barisic. “I would have expected – like most – a different club. But that is Dejan’s business alone,” he says to the courier. “Now his decision has been made and we believe that he will perform as we expected again.”

Rapid coach Dietmar Kühbauer is not worried about that either: “I know Dejan Ljubicic so well that I know that his thoughts are definitely not with his new club. He still has a few important games with us that he wants and he will do well, anything else would not match his temperament. We want to achieve our season goals together as a team, Dejan will be able to play an important part in this. “

Zoran Barisic: “… but that is Dejan’s business alone”

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