Zidane, on his Madrid marches: “I don’t leave it because it’s easy, to say ‘I don’t want to look at that”

The League has two days left and Zinedine Zidane on the Real Madrid bench is unknown. “I don’t know what is going to happen. I’m here, yes, “said the French coach this Saturday. “Anything can happen here. This is Real Madrid. My strength is the day to day. I do not see myself beyond the day to day. Present, full ”. His public appearance in the hours prior to his penultimate match of the championship, this Sunday in San Mamés against Athletic (18.30, Movistar LaLiga) has moved in the same terrain of uncertainty as the previous ones in which he has been asked what he thinks do the next course, what do you want to do, how does it look. Zidane can be seen, he assures with his calm mindfulness training, in the now: “I am excited every day. I take advantage of every day. And the most is every day with my players. When I see them train, I get excited ”, he said.

Like other times. Although this Saturday has left different nuances that have made his reasoning sound like farewell reflections: “We are writing, each one, something with this great club. And that is something that will stay forever ”, he said, for example.

He was leaving so much aroma at the last moments, that a point has come where he has stopped to explain that when he leaves (in 2006 as a player, in 2018 as a coach), he does not do it without more, or he does not do it by running away. “Anyway, since I left in 2006, and I have left as a coach, you think that I quit because I take the responsibility for these things, or I quit because things get complicated. No never. Nothing nothing. The only thing is that what I do I do it fully, thoroughly. And then it’s time to change. But not just for me: for everyone. For the good also of the players, of the club, of the people. I don’t let it go because it’s easy to say ‘I take off, I turn around and I don’t want to look at that’. The moments are like this. There are times when you have to be and times when you have to change. But for the good of all, not only mine, eh “, has said.

And so, expanding on the meaning of his escapes, still with the echo of “I’m going to make it very easy for the club” from just a week ago, Zidane faces the last two league appointments, still with options to lift the title and chain two in a row, something that Madrid has not achieved for 13 years.

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