Zidane, in Diario As: “I am leaving Real Madrid because I do not feel the confidence of the club”

Zinedine Zidane has decided to explain his departure from Real Madrid, four days after the club announced it, with a Open letter to all the fans published this Monday by the newspaper AS. In it, the Frenchman points out the differences between his departure now and the one he had in 2018, and takes the opportunity to highlight his work despite not having won any title this season. “I’m not tired of training. In May 2018 I left because after two and a half years with so many victories and so many trophies I felt that the team needed a new discourse to stay on top. Today things are different. I am leaving because I feel that the club no longer gives me the confidence I need, it does not offer me the support to build something in the medium or long term, ”says Zidane.

“I would have liked my relationship with the club and with the president in recent months to have been a little different from that of other coaches. He wasn’t asking for privileges, of course not, but a little more memory. Today the life of a coach on the bench of a great club is two seasons, not much more ”, claims the winner of three Champions League and two Leagues, which also points out the damage that rumors have done throughout the season. “It hurt a lot when I read in the press, after a loss, that they were going to kick me out if I didn’t win the next game. It hurt me and the whole team because these messages intentionally leaked to the media created negative interference with the staff, they created doubts and misunderstandings ”.

The Frenchman ends the letter with a warning to the press. “I would have liked that the questions were not always directed towards controversy, that we would have talked more often about the ball and above all about the players, who are and always will be the most important in this game. Let’s not forget football, let’s take care of football ”, claims Zidane, who confesses that he does not consider himself the best coach in the world, but he is a great connoisseur of Real Madrid and its idiosyncrasies.

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