Zidane has already decided to leave Real Madrid when the season ends, according to Telemadrid

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has reiterated that he is "absurd" say that the Whites are going to be excluded from the next edition of the Champions League, and has called to put all the attention on Tuesday's match against Chelsea, the first leg of the semifinals of the top continental competition, in addition to ensure that "not" going to "choose" between LaLiga Santander and the 'Champions' and that they will fight for both "until the end".

The future of Zinedine Zidane is on the eaves, and not because the Real Madrid I am going to dismiss him but because he has decided to leave at the end of the season. This is what Telemadrid assures, which points to physical and mental fatigue as a reason to leave the team.

Whether they win the League or not, Real Madrid have had a very difficult campaign with a lot of wear and tear. The white set has fought for the Champions until the semifinals and he remains in the fight for the national title, although it has not been easy at all. The multiple injuries (more than 50) They have forced Zidane to make bobbin lace on too many weekends and that wear has taken its toll.

The ‘run-run’ that he could go at the end of the campaign has already been on the table for many months, since he himself has refused to confirm or deny. Quite the opposite: phrases like “I will make it very easy for Real Madrid” they had opened the ban on rumors.

His decisions on the field have met with criticism inside and outside the team, with the anger with Macelo that left him out of the match against Granada as the last remarkable episode.

At the same time, the figure of Raul Gonzalez. The legendary white ‘7’ and current coach of the Real Madrid Castilla, focused right now on the ascent phase to Second, has the full support of the board and a good part of the fans, in addition to the respect of the players.

His philosophy, close to the ideas of Vicente del Bosque, and the iron discipline he has achieved with the young people has made some end up in the first team, as Miguel Gutiérrez, Antonio Blanco or Marvin among others.

If they do not convince Raúl (he has offers from Germany), the managers will begin a search throughout Europe to try to give the reins of the 13-time European champion to a technician of height.

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