“You have to learn for the return”

In another exercise of tightrope walking, Real Madrid stretched its life in Europe after a night that began in an agonizing way. In London, in a week, there will be no more escapes. “On the return it will be different,” ventured Marcelo, starting for the first time in a duel of thorns this season and, as is the norm every time he appears in the eleven since the cupbearer disaster in Alcoy, with the cushion of three central . “We entered with a proposal and the first 20 minutes we were unable to apply it. Then yes and it was completely different. We do not choose the rhythm, we have to adapt to what there is. We left standing. We are calm because there we know what we have to do ”, assured the Brazilian.

Varane, subjected as few times this course in the center of the rear, took a step more than his partner and warned that the suffering of the start in Valdebebas was a warning from which they should draw conclusions. “We are going to have to learn from this start for the return. In London, at this stage of the competition, the physical will be very important. Also the mental. You have to go with ambition, with the idea of ​​playing in your field, upstairs, ”said the Frenchman.

“We saw almost two games between the first and the second half. They started very well, with great intensity. They broke our first pressure line and played very vertical. They created quite a bit of danger for us at first. We could not find the passes that break the pressure to play more vertical. Benzema’s goal was decisive, it changed the dynamics. From there, we control better, at the pace we wanted, “the defender analyzed.

Perhaps the one who best summed up the sensation in the local Di Stéfano booth was Zinedine Zidane, who three times uttered the expression: “We are alive”. “We wanted to push up one by one and when it doesn’t come out, it’s difficult. This is what happened to us at the beginning. The first part was complicated with its speed. In the second we controlled better and had more order. We change things at break. Above all, be less up, and more together and compact. The result is fair. We are happy with what we did, in general ”, he added, emphasizing this last part.

With time completed, he relieved Benzema, once again a savior, hugged him and whispered something in his ear that, as is dogma in his case, he did not reveal. “The Karim thing is impressive. It doesn’t surprise me. But I am happy with everyone, for the effort and for believing in what we do ”, he emphasized. The Frenchman was again almost the only offensive key on his team. “In each game we are not going to score three or four goals. Today is more complicated. And the same goes for the rivals against us ”, replied the coach when asked about the known attacking difficulties of his team. Against Chelsea, Real Madrid left with just one shot on goal, their lowest number at home in the Champions League since 2003-04, the year the Opta company began collecting this data.

The problems above began by solving the merengue outfit with the same medicine almost always: Thibaut Courtois, support in the moments of greatest stress. At ten minutes, the Belgian took a ball from Werner point-blank. His analysis was not out of the ordinary. “They started as we wanted to do it,” he acknowledged. “The aggressiveness and intensity were higher. The pressure and the balls to our backs hurt us. After the break everything was more controlled and not so crazy, “said the goal, who left a warning. “There I don’t see that it ends 0-0. They can be wrong if they wait for us because with possession we also hurt them ”.

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