World Cup 2022: Construction work in Qatar has probably already cost more than 6,500 lives

The construction work for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 has probably already cost more than 6,500 lives between 2010 and 2020. The English reports Guardian after evaluating various data.

The report cites the lack of hygiene, cleanliness and safety in the workers’ cramped apartments as an example. It is said that eight people live together in a few square meters is everyday life in Qatar. The living conditions are inhumane.

The resulting dangers for the workers are great. Diseases caused by bacterial infections, electric shocks from open cables that came into contact with water, or accidents during construction work on the stadiums would repeatedly lead to death.

According to the report, the numbers are still too low. Although the data from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka are included, data from Kenya or the Philippines are completely missing, just like the data from the last months of 2020.

At the request of the Guardian FIFA declared that it would protect workers’ rights in FIFA projects. “You are fully committed to protecting workers’ rights in FIFA projects,” it said. FIFA also sees nothing unusual about the many dead. “The frequency of accidents on the construction sites of the Fifa World Cup has so far been low compared to other major construction projects in the world,” said the world association without any evidence for these statements.

FIFA describes deaths as comparatively low

When asked, Qatar’s government press office stated that more than 1.4 million people from the countries mentioned lived in Qatar and that the death rate was in a range that would be expected for this size and demographic composition.

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