Without Busquets, Barça confusion

Busquets is treated in the field after the fortuitous blow with Savic.

It was a head clash with Savic that left him with a bleeding nose and dizzy, to the point that Sergio Busquets (Sabadell, Barcelona, ​​32 years old) asked for the change. Since then, Atlético caught the ball and drowned Barcelona, ​​the governor of the first half, until the team corrected itself in the second act and took a step forward. “Busi’s injury has left us a bit affected because while he was there, we had control of the game. When he left, everything got a little out of control, “analyzed Alfred Schreuder, the first acting coach during the duel because Koeman was suspended. Perhaps something normal if one takes into account that Busquets, since in 2008 he endured the challenge of the rounds with Messi and was also the first to defend him from the jams, has always been in eleven.

The opportunity was given by Guardiola when he took the first team, knowing that Busquets was no longer a finisher – in the lower categories he was a center forward – but a composer of the game. “My father [Carles, exportero en la época de Cruyff y el dream team a la sombra de Zubizarreta] He told me to play as I knew, ”said the midfielder. And that’s what he’s done ever since, almost always bolted on the axis of the field. So much so that in that course he already passed Márquez, who played central, and Yayá Touré. Two seasons later Mascherano arrived as an alternative and the Jefecito ended up playing central. And the last rival for the position it was, in 2012, Alex Song, who did not hold the stake either. Thus, for a decade that Barcelona has not signed a pure midfielder – this year Pjanic, imprisoned in ostracism -, as Paulinho (arrived in 2017), Arturo Vidal (2018) and De Jong (2019) act as interior . And young people like Oriol Romeu, Gumbau and Samper knocked on the door but did not stay either.

The incidence of Busquets in the game is absolute because he is inserted between the centrals to get the ball played at the same time that he is the one who marks the pressure line for the media, even if he sometimes goes out of place. “But he cuts her off a lot, huh? He is very intelligent ”, exposes a Barça player; “And we have been for so many years that there are mechanisms that come out on their own.” It is as capital for Barça as it is for the national team, to the point that Del Bosque asked himself to be Busi in another life. The same as most of the technicians who have had it, although contrary to the opinion in the individual awards. “Who does not understand football, does not value my game,” he came to say in the early years when he was upset by something that over time ceased to matter. And it was enough with the recognition of the companions. He has 624 games – the fourth most in the club’s history behind Messi (775), Xavi (767) and Iniesta (674) – with Barcelona summarized in 15 goals, 40 assists and 151 yellow cards for just one expulsion, in 2012 against Benfica.

It is not known if he will be able to play this Tuesday in the Levante field because he has a facial contusion with an upper maxillary fissure (jaw), but Barça still has some option of the league title and both the club and the footballer value the possibility of him using a mask – as Luis Enrique, Puyol and Rafinha did in their day – or some type of minor protection if the pain is not too acute.

Both Koeman and the team are counting on him. Also the sports area in your planning for the next course. “Of course it will continue, but we must look for competition,” they point out from the club, although they also look towards the quarry. Busi seems to be drawn to the American league. At the moment, they need him for the Levante. More than anything so that the confusion does not occur again because De Jong prefers to play inside, Sergi Roberto has not acted in the position for a long time and there is no other who can take over.

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