Wilshere starts training as a coach but rules out retirement

Jack wilshere, who is without a team, ruled out his retirement despite having started studying to be a coach.

The 29-year-old footballer has been a free agent since he Bournemouth He released him at the end of last season and in order not to lose his form he has been training with Arsenal, a club where he was for nine seasons.

Now, Wilshere, who has lived through a career plagued by injuries, has started his courses to become a coach and at the Arsenal facilities is working alongside Per Mertesacker, former partner of hers and current director of the ‘Gunners’ quarry.

“Right now I am doing my coaching courses and the team is helping me with it. It is something that I enjoy and what I will think about in the future, but for now I still want to play,” he said. Wilshere to Sky Sports.

“I think I can still give a lot and that is why I do not want to stop playing now and become a coach now. I will be here at Arsenal until January. For now there is no news from interested clubs, but I hope something will come out by then”, added the English player.

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