Who are Bruno Fievet and Pascal Rigo, potential buyers of Girondins de Bordeaux?

Bruno Fievet and Pascal Rigo
The mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic, is in contact with Bruno Fievet and Pascal Rigo, two possible buyers for the Girondins de Bordeaux.

Who can save the Girondins de Bordeaux? In an interview with Sud Ouest, the financier and business manager Bruno Fievet is interested in taking over the FCGB, ensuring that he talks with the entrepreneur Pascal Rigo. Both had already positioned themselves, without success, for a takeover of the club under the King Street era. The American owners had declined their offers, before finally withdrawing from the club, this Thursday, April 22.

At 51, Bruno Fievet considers the acquisition of Girondins de Bordeaux as “the project of (his) life“. Originally from Amiens, settled in Switzerland, this financier has said he has been a supporter of the Navy and White since the end of the 1970s,”seduced by the game of Alain Giresse“As reported by Sud Ouest. He even proposed the creation of” ambassadors “for the Girondins abroad, a function he fulfilled in Switzerland under the chairmanship of St├ęphane Martin.

On the business side, Bruno Fievet is the founder of The Kay SA, which manages the portfolios of very wealthy clients. He also took advantage of this network to find investors capable of following him in his project for the Girondins. Before the health crisis, he said he had a budget of 180 million euros to acquire and clean up the accounts. And in September 2020, he had submitted an offer to take over the club for 70 million euros at King Street, but had been opposed to a termination.

With the departure of the American owners, the financier still declares himself a candidate for the takeover of the club. In South West, he says that his priority will be to promote the emergence of young people from the training center, while reducing the number of professional contracts and the payroll, without promising to secure European places. He also says he discussed this project with Pascal Rigo: “We have a fairly similar vision of what we want for the Girondins“.

It is “the French baker who was worth 100 million dollars“, according to Le Point, in 2014. Pascal Rigo made his fortune in the United States, first by founding a first bakery there, in Los Angeles, which was a dazzling success, then by opening other stores which he called “La Boulange” . Its brand has nearly 1,500 employees, for an annual turnover of around 90 million dollars, and is bought by Starbucks for 100 million dollars in June 2012. Pascal Rigo becomes the director of the “food” department of the firm American until 2015. He then returned to France, and launched “La Ptite Boulangerie” in Cap Ferret. Another success, since the company is opening new stores, including several in Bordeaux.

At the same time, Pascal Rigo founded the Bordeaux Impact Group in 2019, for “unite the energies of Bordeaux economic players“, according to a portrait drawn up by the Journal des Entreprises last March. A good knowledge of the local economic fabric that could be used for a possible takeover of the FCGB? The entrepreneur had in any case approached King Street in 2020 in him proposing, without success, to buy 40% of the capital for 30 million euros, before a total takeover. Bruno Fievet suggests that their projects could come closer. The two candidates have already come into contact with the city of Bordeaux.

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