Werder Bremen vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – 0: 1

On the 34th matchday of the Bundesliga there will be a duel between Werder Bremen and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Here you can follow the meeting in the live ticker.

Direct relegation to the Bundesliga, relegation or relegation: For Werder Bremen, the last game day of the season is about a lot, about survival in the upper house. But there is still something at stake for opponents Borussia Mönchengladbach: participation in the newly created European Conference League. With our live ticker you won’t miss any of the 90 minutes in the Weserstadion.

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45th + 1st: Three minutes of stoppage time in the first round. Werder now has the ball almost straight through and is awarded another corner!

43 .: Werder have the ball in this phase, let it circulate well, but 25 meters before summer is usually over.

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39 .: Werder swims! Lainer heads the corner from the right on the first post sharply to the top right corner – Pavlenka flies and parries well worth seeing!

38 .: Next dangerous Thuram flank from the left! Stindl takes a volley at the second post, then Friedl clears spectacularly with a diving header.

37 .: Thuram depends on Toprak on the left wing, then wants to give diagonally in the run of Lainer, who is centrally involved in the full sprint. The pass is a little too long, so Friedl can catch up with the Swiss and then successfully put in a duel.

35 .: Wolf knocks Bittencourt, who is now involved in almost every scene, both legs away in midfield and sees the first yellow card of the game.

33 .: Werder do it – if they get ahead – but simply not well. Again Bittencourt runs towards the guest defense after winning the ball, but then dribbling headlessly against three opponents instead of serving the completely free Mbom on the right.

23 .: Thuram is hardly tackled on the right in the penalty area, comes to the end so easily – but with the weaker left. Pavlenka parries safely.

22 .: At least the people of Bremen could see how it CAN work. But if you let the chances lie like this, you shouldn’t complain in the end.

Werder Bremen vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach: Bundesliga today in the live ticker – goal by Stindl

18 .: Bittencourt won the ball strongly against Zakaria, then picked up the pace through the headquarters, but missed to push through for Schmid at the right moment.

16 .: A little more than a quarter of an hour is through. Werder haven’t made it into the top third at all and are having a hard time keeping up with the Gladbach class.

14 .: Moisander slips into the void on a Thuram hook on the right in the penalty area – and is then lucky that Friedl helps out and gets the ball beaten away in front of the Frenchman.

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