Werder Bremen – Comment on the dismissal of Florian Kohfeldt: Deadly Nibelung loyalty

One matchday before the end of the season, Werder Bremen dismissed coach Florian Kohfeldt. It’s an act of sheer desperation. The loyalty to the Nibelung, which Kohfeldt was granted by Werder sports director Frank Baumann, lasted far too long. And it is likely that it will be “fatal”. This is one of the reasons Baumann actually has to go with Kohfeldt. A comment.

It wasn’t that long ago that Florian Kohfeldt opened the door to Frank Baumann himself to release him. After the 1: 3 defeat against Union Berlin at the end of April, he had actually asked him to make at least one clear decision. After all, Kohfeldt will not run away on his own in the face of the impending total collapse.

“If someone has the feeling that someone else is doing better and needs a new impulse, you have to tell me and discuss it with me,” demanded Kohfeldt. What he got, however, was neither one nor the other – namely probation instead of full conviction.

The Werder leadership around Baumann gave him a so-called “final”, the cup semi-final against Leipzig – even though there were no more arguments for it. That was not the case after the good fighting performance against Leipzig in Kohfeldt’s probation game, as much as Baumann now refers to the positive mood that then prevailed in Bremen despite the semi-final and the threatened relegation.

The only thing that kept Kohfeldt on the coaching chair before and after the Leipzig game was the generally refreshing loyalty to the Nibelung in the fast-moving business of professional football, but in Kohfeldt’s case completely inappropriate.

Werder Bremen: Baumann also has to go to keep up

If Baumann had pulled the ripcord that Sunday three weeks ago, the new coach would have had twelve days of preparation before the next Bundesliga game against Bayer Leverkusen – and after that there would have been further opportunities to provide the last two games.

The positive impact such a thing can have is shown by the example of Augsburg: There Stefan Reuter dismissed Heiko Herrlich shortly before the end of the season, brought back an old friend in Markus Weinzierl and was allowed to celebrate relegation against Werder on Saturday as a reward.

Unlike Reuter, Baumann shied away from such a decision – and that could actually end “fatally” for Werder. It looks deep when Baumann says about the installation of Thomas Schaaf as a savior, that he must now give the players “the unconditional conviction and the absolute will” on the way. Baumann came to this realization very late – possibly too late.

Whether relegation or not: Frank Baumann has to leave after the season at the latest. Actually, he should have done that on Sunday.

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