“We lacked hunger to go for the ball”

Carvajal defends Borja Iglesias in a match action.

If destiny sends messages, this has crumb. In the week of the great planetary earthquake of the Super League, Real Madrid once again saw itself further away from the Spanish League after crossing paths with one of those teams that would hardly have played the dreamed tournament led by its president. In six days, the Whites have lost four points against Getafe and Betis. Before they had skated against Alavés, Cádiz, Levante, Osasuna and Elche. No rich man on the payroll. In the Cup he derailed at the home of a newly promoted Second B and was about to run out of Champions in December, when it is still not of great interest to the people according to the Merengue management’s speech, due to two defeats against Shakhtar. This is the reality of Zinedine Zidane’s team this season: strong with the strong (they have not lost to Barça, Atlético, Sevilla, Inter and Liverpool) and often weak with the rest. Good business for a Super League, but bad for the routine championship. The 17 matches in a row without losing do not pay off at all if they add up to one.

“Today was an opportunity to sleep leaders, it is a step back,” admitted Carvajal, who returned to the starting position two months later after starring in one of those calamitous episodes of injuries so typical of whites this season. “I couldn’t explain what happened to us. In the last quarter of the field we lacked something, hunger to go for balls that we could have won, try to anticipate or be finer ”, commented the hot defender, without many explanations yet for the skid. “The schedule is very demanding and we have a lot of casualties. You can see that the coach cannot count on everyone and those who are there cannot rest ”, he released as a final regret.

Zidane shared the analysis of what his team had lacked – “offensively we lacked a lot of things, especially at the beginning” -, but he flatly rejected that the tie supposes a goodbye to the title, or a start of farewell. “There is a lot of league missing,” he warned several times. “The others also have to play. If we lose two points, it is always the same. We are bad and the rest are good. It is not like this. We are fine and what we have to do is recover and think about Tuesday, which will surely be the most difficult game of the season. We are prepared for this type of meeting ”, he assured in a vindictive tone. Two hours before, Madrid had come out to warm up and at that moment, almost like an anthem, it rumbled With heightby Rosalía. “This let’s go to start it with height (…) Too much mischievous nights, ”spat the megaphone. But the lyrics were no premonition for whites. The day was not going to leave madness or mischief. More like local distress and depression.

The screams were the work of Pellegrini, that calm-looking man with a white past, who kept displaying his great booming voice. “You have to move into space!” Borja Iglesias was marking the man. His counterpart on the other bench, however, hands in his pockets and bald again in the rain, barely whispered. The warnings on the premises depended on Casemiro, a true storyteller. Alert, congratulate, comment … a rattle.

The duel needed vertigo, and there Vinicius appeared, reserved from the beginning due to the proximity of Chelsea, a sign of his new status. But the vertigo found it, to his misfortune, Borja Iglesias, who was only before Courtois that his foot shrunk. At that point, everything was a rush in Madrid. Vinicius had it in a counter, but he recovered his blurred version. The situation on the local side required urgent solutions, so Hazard emerged from the rain, with just 15 minutes on his legs in three and a half months. He was participatory, which comforted his coach. “It is one that can contribute to us. We are going to take advantage of it and I hope until the end of the season ”, he left as a plea.

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