Vox’s mockery of Rayo fans who “disinfected” the stadium after Abascal and Monastery’s visit

Abascal and Monastery, in a rally.

Santiago Abascal Y Rocío Monastery They were invited last Monday to the Rayo Vallecano box to witness the match between the Madrid team and Albacete.

A visit that a large part of the Rayo fans, traditionally associated with the left, did not see with good eyes, so they decided organize a protest and “disinfect” the stadium after the presence of the leaders of the right.

An action orchestrated by the association of Peñas del Rayista group and which Vox echoed on its social media account.

In the image you can see Abascal and Ortega smith looking at the screen of a mobile phone and laughing out loud, in response to the Rayo fans who, protected with overalls, proceeded to clean the Vallecas stadium.

The two leaders of Vox went to the stadium the same day that it reappeared Zozulya with Albacete, after all the controversy generated by associating the Ukrainian player with the extreme right.

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