Voices and reactions to farewell to Hansi Flick at Bayern Munich

Coach Hansi Flick wants to leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season. There are voices and reactions to the announcement of the 56-year-old (compiled by SPOX and SID, is constantly updated).

Hansi Flick (Bayern coach, at Sky): “I told the team that I informed the club during the week that I wanted to get out of my contract at the end of the season. That’s a fact. It was important for me to communicate that because there was already a bit of radio communication. Because we have now worked together successfully for almost two years.

I am absolutely delighted with this team and this team, what an attitude and quality they have. I am grateful to the club that I had the opportunity to coach this team. But the decision I made was made after careful consideration. I discussed the reason why I made the decision with the club – and that will remain internal for now.

My future is not clear at all. There hasn’t been a conversation about that either. We also had another important phase in the Champions League. Of course, the DFB is an option that every coach has to consider. But I have to digest it now. “

Hansi Flick (on ARD): “The club knows, the team now also knows. That was important to me, now also after this game, because I knew it was a very important game and it was important to me that the team find out about it from me because I am proud of this team, as they have accompanied them during this time and it has always been an absolute dream for me to lead this team and to accompany it as a coach. It was also for The club, you just have to say, a great time and we still have a bit more to do, five games. For me, it’s out now and so we’re looking to the future. “

Müller on Flick: “Bayern coaches always need a thick skin”

Manuel Neuer (Bayern goalkeeper, DFB captain, 2014 world champion): “That was an emotional story for all of us. We have to deal with that as a team first, because we had a very successful and wonderful time.”

Thomas Müller (Bayern professional, 2014 World Champion): “He told us that he was going to leave. He didn’t justify it. He doesn’t have to. He’s left a lot of energy in the intensive past year and a half. As a coach at FC Bayern, you basically need a thick skin.”

David Alaba (Bayern professional, on Twitter): “Big steps together. Last steps together. We’ll fight to the end, Coach.”

Bastian Schweinsteiger (ex-Bayern professional, 2014 world champion, on Twitter): “FC Bayern have signed you as a back-up. You have given him everything that is possible. Whatever the end: Congratulations, Hansi Flick!”

Lothar Matthäus (record international player): “I am sure that there is a contact with the DFB. Alone from the past times together. Nobody can tell me that they haven’t spoken on the phone in the last five, six, seven weeks. Now the conversations will get serious. That must be for The DFB should now be up to date. It was very clear to me, weeks ago, that Flick would stop and receive an offer from the DFB. The trend is: he will succeed Joachim Löw. “

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