Virtual stay for Cádiz

Álvaro Cervera’s joy at the conclusion of the match staged the triumph of Cádiz. The coach of the yellow team celebrated the victory in the regional derby against Granada, and, incidentally, practically the permanence of his team. Cádiz takes 10 points from Huesca, in the relegation zone, when there are 12 to be played. Its permanence is virtual. Sobrino’s goal, the forward’s first at Cádiz after a great maneuver by Negredo, ended a Granada that had little to do with the one that defeated Barcelona. Diego Martínez’s men also lost a great chance to get close to Betis, who was seventh. If they won, they would have moved to three points by visiting Benito Villamarín the next day in a very important duel to play next season in Europe. Somewhat tired after a very demanding season, Granada reaches the final stage. For this new regional derby, Diego Martínez loses Soldado, who was sent off at the last minute for repeatedly protesting a possible penalty on his teammate Jorge Molina.

The first half showed a Granada struggling to break the good defensive network of a yellow team in attack, which went to the counter with speed every time they recovered the ball. In fact, in the first minute Cádiz could already score in a very clear action by Álvaro Negredo, who failed to finish despite being free of mark in the small area. Granada replied with a shot from Quini that Argentine Conan Ledesma repelled with problems and with a pair of header from Germán Sánchez that found no goal.

The best option for the locals to score before the break came from set pieces and ended with a save by Ledesma in the close-range shot of his compatriot Nehuén Pérez. From the possible 1-0 it went to 0-1, since in the next action Rubén Sobrino scored after an assist from Negredo, who picked up the ball after a great save by Aarón from the veteran attacker’s shot. Before the break, in the middle of the rojiblanca pájara, the goal Aarón avoided the second visitor goal by winning in a heads-up against Rubén Sobrino himself.

The tone of the second half was similar, with Granada unable to harm a sober Cádiz and always well placed and equipped in defense, despite the offensive changes made by Diego Martínez. Cádiz only struggled in his goal with an easy ball that escaped Ledesma, although the Argentine responded well to Roberto Soldado. Granada were outnumbered in the 89th minute when they were sent off after seeing two yellow cards in a row Roberto Soldado. He protested too vehemently a possible penalty on Jorge Molina.

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