Vinicius: “Dribbling is easier than goal”

A second round of the Champions League match for Real Madrid appears again, tomorrow against Atalanta at the Di Stéfano (9:00 p.m., Movistar Champions League), and with it the echoes of the last two European courses evaporated in that round return, although now the whites start with a 0-1 advantage in the first leg. The memory of those disappointments returns, and in the case of Vinicius Jr (Brazil, 20 years old) that of the ruptured ligaments of the right ankle that he suffered on the night of March 2019 when Madrid was eliminated against Ajax at the Bernabéu, and that stopped the Brazilian in a blazing moment of exuberance. He remembers it by video call.

Ask. Have you seen the images of the injury again?

Answer. No, since my injury I forgot about the set. I do not see the photos, because it is a very sad day for me. He was fine, he had played the first leg well. It was a day that all Madridistas knew we could win, and it was very difficult for everyone.

P. How do you remember leaving the field crying?

R. Frustration for not being able to play, for not being able to help. All the work I had done for this game … Going out at 40 minutes is a bit difficult. And I knew it was an important moment for me, and for the club. That he was doing the right things, that he was doing things very well. All the players helped me by putting balls for me to do something different … It was a bit complicated.

P. Reviewing the game, it seems that he is not injured when he falls next to the goal, but before.

R. I broke down on a previous play. And I thought: “It is not possible that I am going to have to leave this game. I will continue, I will continue, I will continue ”. And a ball arrived. And I had to run 50 meters like that, and I think that in these 50 meters things got worse. But I wanted to try, give it my all.

P. Did it hurt already in that race?

R. Yes, quite. I ran on the tip of my foot, because it hurt a lot. I managed to reach the goal, and I did not finish the play well because I was injured. Could not.

P. What was it like to come back? There was another coach, Zidane, he was left out of the Copa América …

R. It was complicated. I knew I could go to the Copa América … I always want to play, I want to be in all the games, but things are at the right time, and this time was not mine … When you get injured, you think a lot: you do everything right , and for one play you have to leave the season for two or three months. And it changes everything.

P. Was he sad, angry?

R. I’m never sad. I am with my friends at home, and playing for the best club in the world with 20 years. So, I’m never sad. Sometimes frustrated, sometimes a little thoughtful, but never sad.

P. When did you completely forget the injury and was able to do everything the same as before?

R. Six or seven months. I didn’t play for two or three months, and when you put your boots back on you always think a lot about where you can put your foot, where you can’t put it. I think I always doubted for six months. And when it was cold, it hurt without doing anything. I was going to put the boot on and it was hurting.

P. Did it affect dribbling?

R. In one-on-one the center-back always wants to hit, and then you have to be more careful. At first, of course. Now I do not think about it, and I do not think about injuring myself again.

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