Vinícius, a vintage player … without a net

Vinícius laments after his failure against Atalanta.

Vinícius Jr. He signed this Tuesday against Atalanta one of his best matches with the Real Madrid shirt. Daring, brave, confident, participatory, with enormous quality details … He had it all. Everything … except the goal. The Brazilian failed again in the definition leaving a good example of their problems when defining despite its undoubted level.

His was the play of the night. The one that would have been undoubtedly one of the goals of the season, Maradona reincarnated in Valdebebas … but inexplicably, after breaking away from various defenses after a 70-meter dash and carrying the ball sewn to his boots, missed the shot with the semi-defeated goalkeeper. The gesture of Ramos throwing himself to the ground desperate for failure is a perfect metaphor for what Vinícius is: an out of the ordinary who, however, makes more than one put their hands to their heads.

Since his arrival at Real Madrid in 2018/2019, Vinícius has enjoyed numerous opportunities, obtaining the approval of Zidane, the technician with whom you have worked the most ever since he wears white, and earning the affection of a fans that, despite sometimes not believing mistakes in the definition when they already raise their arms to celebrate the goal, has not exhausted their trust quota in the Brazilian.

He arrived and began to tangle with Castilla, already leaving glimpses of what he predicted for the first team with his presence, however, it has shown that it has yet to exploit.

He has had more opportunities than other players who came to Madrid the same year, such as Odriozola, who even left on loan to Bayern in search of minutes while Vinícius was granted here, or Rodrygo, the other Brazilian pearl who has enjoyed less prominence. than his compatriot.

The Vinícius thing is a strange case: he despairs without despairing because he never gives up. And the attitude and the desire have always obtained the approval of the Madrid fans

Despite the detailed praise and recognition in this text and the certainty that ‘Vini’ has the confidence of the Madrid coach, his problems in front of the goal and its ratio of so many per minute played leaves much to be desired.

In LaLiga he has played a total of 71 games since his arrival, with more than 3,503 minutes played. The balance, 7 goals and seven assists. A goal – and a goal pass – for approximately 10 games in domestic competition. One goal every 500 minutes. In the Champions League he has scored two goals in 17 games. One every 389 minutes.

A negative balance in the statistics that collides with the claw attitude that the Brazilian shows in every opportunity he has. Something like when you finally manage to plan the trip of your dreams, you have everything paid for and, when the day arrives, borders are closed due to a pandemic. Vinícius is a vintage player … but without a net.

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