Villarreal, already European, punishes a bad Sevilla

Bacca scores after dribbling Bono and Koundé.  Like RobertoBaggio against Spain in the 94 World Cup.

First was the lack of judgment. Then, laziness. These two defects of Sevilla were joined by the enormous performance of Gerard Moreno and Bacca for Villarreal to destroy the Andalusian team, which started well, but ended up throwing in the towel in a rather disconcerting attitude in the usual performance of Sevilla. In reality, Lopetegui’s men began to weaken from the night that Athletic (0-1) ended their options to fight for the title, even if they tied against Madrid (2-2). Sevilla gave away three of the goals they received and conceded four goals for the first time in a great league season that stains with performances of this type.

It is not the problem of a Villarreal that erased his rival from the field of play. The result is that Emery’s team is guaranteed to be a European team next season, with a pending Europa League final against Manchester United that could see him play the Champions League if he wins it. Right now, you can play the Champions League, the Europa League or the new Conference League. Villarreal was a party, with 5,000 spectators enjoying their team 434 days after the last time. They were happy with Bacca’s goals and the clairvoyance of an extraordinary Gerard Moreno. Sevilla competed during the first half. Then he was absolutely outmatched.

More than one Sevilla fan must have wondered why Lopetegui left his top scorer, En-Nesyri (24 goals), on the bench to modify his gala eleven with the entry of De Jong. The Dutch striker tried in every way in the first half where his team exhibited great superiority during the first 20 minutes of play. A Sevilla that took advantage of the losses of Villarreal and the strange approach of Emery, who gave the right wing to Yeremy and Funes Mori to the delight of Ocampos and Acuña. Actually, the Andalusian team was the owner and lord of all the spaces of the field, putting an opponent in their area without an answer to the arguments of Papu, Suso, Navas, Ocampos or Rakitic. In the first 15 minutes, Sevilla had accumulated seven shots over Asenjo’s goal. Especially clear were De Jong’s options in the 8th minute and then in the 15th minute. In the first, the Dutchman shot Albiol with everything in his favor. In the second, the attacker flew to connect a header after a great pass from Navas. He was too lonely to be that imprecise.

Villarreal breathed before the lack of efficiency of Sevilla. What’s more, he showed a punch that defines great teams. Bacca headed off a corner kick, beating Diego Carlos, more aware of a brawl with Gerard than defending a corner kick as he deserved. Those of Emery were ahead on the scoreboard, embodying the great truth of this sport. Sevilla, somewhat perplexed, did not stop trying. Again De Jong, of course, had a great chance in a header saved by Asenjo. Soccer, without a doubt, is like that. Sevilla had made 19 shots on goal (five on goal) for only one on Villarreal’s goal that ended in a goal.

The talent Gerard Moreno and the success of Bacca decided the match in a quality action. The Colombian remembered Roberto Baggio in the 1994 World Cup in the United States when he beat Zubizarreta to put Italy in the semifinals. Koundé, like Abelardo, was beaten by the subtle touch of Bacca. By magic, Sevilla was erased from the game. An example was Diego Carlos, who saw the second yellow card for grabbing Yeremy. All the good that Sevilla scored in the first half disappeared. His footballers lost many balls and lacked the intensity necessary to compete in a match of this nature. Villarreal drew excellent combinations, with Gerard Moreno as the protagonist and Bacca as the executing arm. The Colombian made three goals to his former team, presenting the credentials to be able to start in the grand final of the Europa League against Manchester United. Emery thought of her too, giving his two main players a rest. Also making those 5,000 viewers happy who returned home so long later.

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