VfL Bochum vs. SV Sandhausen: 2nd league NOW in the live ticker – 1: 0 (1: 0)

Leader of the table VfL Bochum can make the championship title against SV Sandhausen on today’s final matchday and thus the permanent promotion to the Bundesliga. You can follow the game here at SPOX in the live ticker.

VfL Bochum is about to move up to the Bundesliga. The table of the 2nd division leads the Bochumers with two points ahead of Holstein Kiel. The distance to Greuther Fürth is three points. Nevertheless, Bochum has to deliver against Sandhausen today in order not to slip onto the relegation place.

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Half-time conclusion: Bochum is 45 minutes away from promotion to the 1st Bundesliga! VfL can only thank goalkeeper Drewes against defending sand houses, who twice prevented the deficit. After a successful switchover game, Pantovic took the lead at halftime following a presentation by Zoller.

VfL Bochum vs. SV Sandhausen: 2nd league NOW in the live ticker – 1-0

45th + 3rd: The subsequent free kick sails out – then referee Reichel whistles for the break!

45th + 2nd: Zulj and Nartey rattle their heads in midfield, which means that there is another pause in treatment. But both will probably be able to continue.

45th + 1st: One minute extra for the first run!

44 .: Kapino again, this time against Holtmann from close range! A goal would not have counted, however, as Holtmann was probably just offside.

43 .: Invitation from Zhirov, whose back pass on Kapino degenerates into a steep pass on Zoller. The Greek goalkeeper comes straight out, stays calm on the right in the penalty area and then fishes Zoller the ball away – followed by shaking his head at the action of the man in front of him.

33 .: The SVS can’t really blame itself for anything. Up until now they have been on par with VfL, but they simply don’t want to work away from home – as is so often the case this season.

31 .: The VfL pushes the gate to the 1st league wide open, the SV Sandhausen gets a nasty neck blow in the relegation battle.

VfL Bochum vs. SV Sandhausen: 2nd league NOW in the live ticker – Tor Pantovic

27 .: There is less going on on the lawn at the moment – playfully at least. A lot of struggle, a lot of interruptions, also because Sandhausen demands everything from VfL.

24 .: New news from the other places: Osnabrück leads in Aue, so Sandhausen stand now on the relegation place. Bochum can take a deep breath, however, because Fürth is behind against Düsseldorf.

22 .: Bochum, the second best defense in the league, allows a lot here. What the championship leader has shown so far is not sovereign.

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