Valladolid wins a point against a stuck Betis

Valladolid earned a point that tastes much better than Betis. Sergio González’s men come out of the relegation zone with Weissman’s goal. An action that rewarded the bravery of a team that overcame its fears and its delicate situation to scratch that tie that fills it almost completely. An equalizer that frustrates Betis to a certain extent, only superior for 15 minutes of the second half, a period in which he scored his goal and enjoyed three clear counterattacks to make the second. Betis did not do it, somewhat stuck, with Canales and Fekir offering a fairly low level, surpassed, in short, by the need of Valladolid. Betis adds its sixth consecutive draw when a European position is played and was unable to take advantage of the defeat of Real Sociedad in Huesca. It goes to a snail’s pace at the crucial moment of the course. It costs a lot to win at this stage of the competition and, for that reason, a point has an important value. Especially for Valladolid, who are also fond of the equalizer by adding their fourth consecutive draw.

Sergio González won the game over Pellegrini on the board. The Chilean could hardly think that the Catalan coach was going to cut off his communication lines in the center of the field with the inclusion of Joaquín as a midfielder. With superiority always in the core, the coach’s obsession to stop the flow of the game of footballers like Canales and Fekir, Betis engines, was fulfilled in the first half where, in addition, Valladolid ran a lot. In reality, the two teams ran a lot in an act of dedication to two different objectives, permanence and Europe. There was only one occasion when Fekir football was able to produce something drinkable. A pass to Aitor Ruibal that the winger headed towards the center while Borja Iglesias’ unchecking opened up ground for him. Good shot by Aitor and a great save by Roberto after four minutes of play.

Little by little, Sergio’s spider web was enveloping a Betis that died in the center and had no exit at its ends. With Canales and Fekir covered, only Ruibal seemed to offer some danger. Valladolid closed the roads to Betis, but also tried to surprise him with the interior movements of Plano and Roque Mesa. At 10 minutes, Mesa’s heel at the start of the play invalidated a good goal by Weissman for offside. Betis accused the blow, surpassed by the fierceness of Valladolid, with a referee who left a lot of play and without the ability to overcome a tremendously organized rival. Guido and Guarded suffered a lot, as well as laterals Emerson and Miranda, without the ability to deploy. Valladolid’s moving effort had stopped Betis. It would be necessary to consider if his waste was going to take its toll on him in the second half, when the Castilians tend to lose a lot of steam.

So it seemed with a brilliant exit from Betis, who in his only well-spun counter attack sang bingo. At last Miranda was deployed on the band and the referee was very successful in giving the advantage in a previous foul to Borja de Javi Sánchez. The full back centered and another youth squad, Ruibal, found a reward for his enormous display by anticipating Roberto. Betis did the most difficult and Valladolid went through moments of panic. He lived 10 minutes of absolute anxiety, with the Verdiblanco team arriving in a rush to the Castilian area. However, Betis lacked a point of talent and efficiency to put the rubric to their numerical superiority in the counterattacks. Borja, Canales or Fekir did not have it and Valladolid escaped alive. Sergio made four changes in one go. In a great action from Olaza, Weissman burst into the area Santillana to make the tie. Joaquín entered Betis to equal Esnaola as the player with the most games in the club’s history (460) and, incidentally, try to score a second saving goal. Valladolid went back and Betis dominated, well driven by Joaquín. But the team lacks a vital lucidity point in previous rounds. Loren had it in a Mandi center, but his shot was wild in an unbeatable situation. Valladolid savored their draw while Betis lost by absurd cards to Mandi and Fekir for the next game against Granada. Negative symptoms that tarnish the fight for Europe of a team that does not lose, but does not win either. They are already six days drawing.

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