Valladolid leaves two points against Celta in the last play of the match

When nothing is left over, the little that is lost hurts. Damaged, Valladolid de Balaídos left, with a draw that they would have signed for a large part of the game, which perhaps was a fair result in a fight that was unstoppable for many of its stages. But after seven days without winning, the Pucelano team was on the edge of victory. Barely half a minute from raising your arms. He had to lower them because he could not defend a frontal ball to the area, a last desperate attempt by Celta to fix his mess. The central Murillo connected a header on the horn and each team added a point, but the general feeling is that Valladolid left two.

The epilogue had more substance than the previous hour and a half, a time in which inaccuracies and interruptions prevailed. The game was rewarding, the exuberance of those in charge of destroying it ruled over the talent of those who wanted to put it together. There was a lot of scratching where you had to generate football. At halftime, Valladolid had their two forwards cautioned, but had managed to deactivate Celta, unable to finish between sticks. Sometimes the numbers explain football. In the final count, possession of the ball was lost 296 times, if the errors of the two teams are added together, only a third of those errors occurred because the rival recovered the ball. The party died after 40 fouls were called.

Everything was so poor that a goal seemed like a treasure. Valladolid obtained it midway through the second half. A boast happened: Roque Mesa broke lines with a driving force and set fire to Celta’s rear, which had to knock him down. Weissman followed the action and the referee was alive not to cut it. Goalkeeper Rubén Blanco pulled out the Israeli striker as he could, but Orellana pushed into the net.

Celta did not articulate any football response. What’s more, at a disadvantage, if possible, he played even worse. Before the goal he was able to score in a direct free kick that Iago Aspas crashed into the crosshead. It was the only beam of light for Coudet’s team in the match. Until Murillo arrived and solved a problem because the defeat would have forced Celta to look down. Having seen what has been seen, you shouldn’t stop doing it either. Valladolid is in it, which despite adding at home was left with the feeling of being on the canvas. “Football is penalizing us a lot, the result sinks you, it hits you another blow. But we have gotten up many times ”, explained his coach Sergio González before leaving Vigo. Now he faces two vital duels against Getafe and Osasuna to prevent the team from settling in the rear of the standings.

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