Valladolid is shielded before the trip of the rojiblanca fans

The flood of followers dAtlético de Madrid to celebrate a possible LaLiga title has generated a reinforcement of security devices in Valladolid. There are no exact figures on the number of rojiblancos fans that this Saturday will make an appearance in the capital of Pucelana. The estimates made from the institutions and from Atlético point to between 2,000 and 3,000 mattress fans. Despite the absence of public in the stands, the Ministry of the Interior has declared the game high risk, at the request of the anticipation of this massive displacement by the mattress fans. There will be an important police operation in the city, in order to avoid overcrowding and altercations between both hobbies due to the tension of what is at stake: for Atlético de Simeone, the league title, and for Sergio González’s Valladolid, salvation.

The rojiblancos fans have been cited making use of social networks in the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid from half past twelve in the morning of this Saturday. “None of the trips has been organized by Atlético,” they emphasize from the rojiblanco club. “We cannot say how many of our fans will travel, because we do not organize anything and others will also arrive in Valladolid from different parts of Spain,” they explain from the Madrid club.

The subdelegate of the Government in the city, Emilio Álvarez, has specified that, in addition to the Local and National Police agents and members of Civil Protection, the Police Intervention Unit and the Prevention and Reaction Unit will be deployed. Álvarez has also admitted that there is no exact control of how many fans could travel to Valladolid and has indicated that a train will transport about 350 rojiblancos fans, in addition to between three and six buses plus fans who travel on their own. The security resources, Álvarez has considered, are “sufficient for any incident that may occur.” The deployment is subject to extensions if necessary according to the information that the clubs can provide throughout the day and what the authorities detect on social networks or other communication channels.

Valladolid has contributed with fences so that the Police can control the attendance of fans of both teams. To the classification of the party as high risk, the health difficulties of the pandemic are added, something that is also taken into account to comply with the regulations and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. One of the concerns of the Pucelan authorities is that call from the rojiblanca fans to crowd the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid, before which the mayor, Óscar Puente, has called for “sanity and moderation” to avoid problems. Puente has defended his city as a “hospitable” place, which welcomes visitors “with open arms” and has claimed that law enforcement will ensure compliance with health requirements.

The day will be long for the security forces in charge of ensuring order. It concerns both before, during and after the meeting. Whatever the final result, the League will have lost or won and another that will have remained or declined.

On the other hand, in the event that Atlético is proclaimed champion, from the rojiblanco club they announced that the squad will not go to Neptuno upon arrival in Madrid, which, like Cibeles, will be watched by municipal agents and their access will be cut off.

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