Valencia ties the rope around his neck

Paulista and Pons, in an aerial action.

Valencia ties the rope around his neck. He doesn’t want to look down, but he’s seven points off the tail of the table. Close to certifying a permanence that sounds insulting for a team of its category. Javi Gracia’s group dragged themselves against Alavés, energized and pacified since the arrival on the bench of Javi Calleja, a technician whom the Mestalla club sounded out when they considered removing their coach. The horizon of Valencia, a week after receiving Barça, is worrying and bleak. In a match described as vital by Gracia, his team hit another smack saving a point on the horn against another team threatened by relegation like the Basque. Alavés have added eight points from the last 12 in their desperate race to save the category.

Grace, either by rotation, or by shaking the eleven to see if a victory fell after five days without doing so, he raised an offensive attack with Guedes, Gameiro and Maxi López threatening Pacheco. After the fiasco in Pamplona, ​​the coach closed the right back with Wass and forgot about the boy Guillem Molina. Diakhaby, fragile before Osasuna, gave way to Guillamón. The result was disappointing. Valencia hardly competed.

He entered the game with rhythm, but soon crashed into the brick wall of the babazorro team. Calleja, with the calculator in hand and favored by the results of the day, took extreme precautions to add in the Mestalla. Slow game rhythm, closing spaces and exploiting local deficiencies, which are numerous. Take advantage of a mistake and move quickly in the offensive deployment. He did well in the 9th minute. The bearded Jota Peleteiro scored, but the play was annulled for offside by Edgar Méndez.

Despite its offensive hat-trick, the eleven the bat only fired once on goal throughout the game. Laguardia held Maxi in the body and Guedes, dynamic and boisterous as in the last games, could not arm his right leg. The Portuguese, delayed to the left to take advantage of Gameiro’s scoring dynamics and fit Maxi in the eleven, was the driver who transported the ball to Pacheco’s goal; did his job, but did not find a finisher until minute 56, when he assisted Gameiro, who scored. The play was also canceled due to Maxi’s offside. On the 7th, he has been carrying his team’s flag for several games. On the contrary, the Uruguayan is denied before the goal.

The eleven of Gracia, a tear in the positional game and in the defensive retreat, lost control of the ball when Alavés took a step forward. The visitors, seeing the little resistance of the locals, boldly deployed in Mestalla. A foul far from the area was won by Laguardia against Paulista, the ball bounced off Tomás Pina and fell to Guidetti, who stretched his left leg to break the scoreboard. The Swede had not scored a goal for more than two years.

With fear in his body, Gayà equalized close to reaching 90. A Wass center was finished off by Maxi on goal, Pacheco deflected but the captain, sad as his team, caught the ball and scored his first goal of this season saving a point .

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