Valdano criticizes Florentino for the Super League fiasco: “You cannot appear at ‘El Chiringuito’ as a messiah”

Jorge Valdano, in 'El Transistor'

Jorge Valdano was a person very close to Florentino Pérez in the past, to the point that it became his right hand in the Real Madrid as general manager of the club.

Now, as a commentator on ‘Onda Cero’, he is not as docile as he was then and the criticism of the former president is intensified when they are badly given. Behind the Super League fiasco, chaired by Pérez (so far it has not dissolved), the Argentine analyzed some of the mistakes he made. The first, communication.

You cannot present yourself at ‘El Chiringuito’ as a messiah underestimating football itself“He said in ‘El Transistor’.” Present yourself as the savior of football without having fully explained what you want to do through credible people who are capable of having a level of credibility for the project to go ahead. Football itself, which is very powerful, was underestimated too much“Valdano insisted, who also pointed out that the fans do not have to get angry if they want the industry to continue.” Football has 4,000 million fans who should be happy. Agnelli He was the representative of 200 teams and he betrays them … It was not a very decent thing. Some managers have lost credibility, “he criticized.

He also referred to the talk with Gerard Piqué, which was broadcast almost in parallel to this radio intervention. “I did an interview with Piqué, who handles exhaustive information, he did not get the accounts so and as the twelve of the Superliga had proposed. I don’t know how much there was in real money or credit or if there was biased information. The truth is that the megaproject collapsed. Someday football will find the limit “, he warns.

Finally, he praised the attitude of the English fans, who did decide to mobilize to protest the Super League. “This war has been won by the fan of England because here in Spain nobody has lifted a finger. You cannot make a revolution in a product as popular as football without knowing the product and without knowing the customer thoroughly, “he insisted.

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