Unanimous condemnation of the LaLiga clubs to the SuperLiga and satisfaction of Tebas: “It is being diluted like a sugar”

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga

The league called a meeting of its clubs to study the situation of European football after the crisis opened by the arrival of the Super League, which, although it has ended up deflating, has generated a certain uneasiness among the teams of First Y Second division.

After it, they have issued a unanimous rejection statement, signed by all except for Real Madrid, Atlético and FC Barcelona, who are the founders of the Super League present in Spain. The clubs present have unanimously and vigorously rejected the plans to create this competition. All clubs firmly believe in sporting merit as the sole criterion to qualify for international club competitions through the respective national leagues, “they said in a statement.

In it they assured that “the opposition shown globally over the last few days it has shown that a closed and elitist European league is unworkable and unwanted.

“The reactions that have been seen throughout Europe demonstrate how important an open ecosystem is for football and communion with the fans,” added the text signed by all.

Javier Tebas he was satisfied with the unanimous reaction of his associates, and explained his point of view on the matter. “It is being diluted like a sugar,” he presumed as soon as he started. “The negative is the message that has been given. They cannot tell us that they are coming to save us from ruin, because it is not true. Nor that they do not harm national competitions. They do, economically and sportingly. In the meritocracy. And finally: If it were so good, they would not have done it secretly, “said the Aragonese leader.

Tebas assures that he feels betrayed, because “there was dialogue until Friday and then they came out with the statement on Sunday.” Some clubs did not like the new Champions League and have gone to burst the system, “he insisted.

Beyond possible sanctions, the president of LaLiga gives the project as finished. “I don’t know if it’s the” bi Superliga “, or” Tri Superliga “, because two or three left. You cannot create what they want to create. The German teams will never be there. French clubs will never be in this competition. Lto Superliga, as it is conceived, is dead. Make them realistic. Knocking on the door now for a negotiation is even cynical, “he concluded.

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