UEFA’s threat to footballers: “Whoever plays in that Super League will not play for the national team again”

The UEFA logo, at its headquarters.

The UEFA, through its president, Aleksander Ceferin, has launched a forceful threat to the players of the clubs that participate in the recently announced Super League: “Whoever plays in that Super League will not play with the national team again”, has declared.

“All the confederations agree on that,” added the top president of European football, on the same day that UEFA had planned to announce its new format for the Champions League.

“We started this project to modernize the process of our competitions. We had the support of the ECA. All clubs are ranked on merit, not like a closed store. Playing in the Champions League depends on results on the grass, “he explained.

“Football has to be united in the face of this misfortune after the position of some clubs with particular interests. The world of football is united, governments are united, society is united. We agree that the Super League is a meaningless project“Ceferin adds.

And he has sent another harsh message to the Superliga clubs, whom he accuses of being disrespectful and that they only think about money: “The Superliga thinks only about money, we do not. UEFA believes in the growth of football. We want to preserve the domestic championships, it is the way to qualify. It should be like that and it will never change. We are adapting the European competitions, but the main thing does not change: solidarity. For some there is no solidarity, only their pockets“, he sentenced.

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