UEFA will modify the rule of the double value of goals scored away from home

2020/21 Champions League round of 16 draw

The UEFA will modify one of its most characteristic and sometimes controversial norms, the double value of goals scored away from home in case the extension is reached. In this way, the goals scored in extra time away from home in the Champions League and Europa League qualifiers will not have that added value.

Until this season (included), if a tie ended in a draw and the extension the goals scored by the visiting team continued to have double value, generating a advantage in favor of these by having 30 more minutes of play in which your goals are worth double.

This measure seeks equalize conditions in which both teams compete in extra time, so that if the visitors score in overtime, the hosts would not have to score two goals to stay alive. In the event that both add the same, will proceed to the penalty shootout.

The information has been advanced by the English newspaper The Sun, adding that the decision will be made official at the meeting of the organism’s competitions committee next Friday, and will be implemented for the next season.

The rule of double value of away goals was introduced in the 1965/1966 season, but so far it had not undergone any modification.

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