UEFA report: Corona causes a loss of 7.2 billion euros across Europe

The corona pandemic has caused an unprecedented financial slump in European professional football.

In its report on the European club landscape published on Friday, UEFA assumes losses of 7.2 billion euros in the top professional leagues alone. In addition, there is a minus of 1.5 billion in the lower classes.

“Clubs that are particularly dependent on viewer income were particularly affected by the pandemic,” said the European Football Union report. The losses from ticket sales are therefore up to four billion, from sponsorship another 2.7 billion and from broadcasting rights 1.4 billion euros.

According to the report, ticket revenue losses are currently € 85 million per week. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the European professional clubs have had to do without around 210 million stadium visitors.

This is one of the reasons why, according to UEFA, 15 top division and 37 second division clubs from 24 different countries across Europe have faced withdrawal or exclusion from the league and / or insolvency proceedings since the beginning of 2020. With 42 clubs in the 2020 calendar year, the previous negative record of 34 cases from 2011 was exceeded.

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