UEFA lifts the 30% capacity limit and each country will decide on attendance at stadiums

Women's Athletic match in San Mamés (archive)

The UEFA Executive Committee approved allowing up to five substitutions in the Euro 2020 and in the final phase of the next League of Nations, as well as abolish the 30% limit on public attendance at stadiums and the prohibition of fans at futsal matches.

Given the different situation in each of its 55 federations in the face of the health crisis, UEFA unanimously adopted this resolution, understanding that the decision on the number of spectators allowed should be the sole responsibility of the competent local / national authorities and therefore eliminate that 30% limit.

However, it confirmed the decision it adopted on October 1 by which visiting fans will not be able to attend UEFA competition matches, given current travel restrictions and to establish “reasonable and responsible policies to minimize risks related to COVID-19.”

“This is valid until before the final of the club competition that will take place in May 2021”, the organization said in a statement, in which it indicated that its “minimum health and hygiene requirements for the return of spectators have been modified to reflect this new decision, which will take effect as of tomorrow.”

The Executive Committee, meeting by videoconference, also decided to allow up to five substitutions at Euro 2020, which will be held between next June and July, and in the finals of the League of Nations 2021, in October 2021, as well as in the relegation qualifiers, to be played in March 2022, in accordance with the temporary amendment introduced in Rule 3 of the IFAB Laws of the Game.

UEFA based its decision on that the five-substitution rule is maintained in the context of national and international calendars affected by the covid-19 pandemic and It is in force for the qualifying matches for the World Cup in Qatar, between March 2021 and March 2022.

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