UEFA continues to threaten Real Madrid, Barça and Juve for not retracting their participation in the Superliga

The UEFA logo, at its headquarters.

The UEFA is still determined that Real Madrid, FC Barcelona Y Juventus do not remain unpunished after or retract their intention to carry out the Super league, unlike the other nine founding teams. The organization’s directive Evelina Christillin stands firm in its opinion that all three clubs be punished.

“My opinion does not change. I am part of UEFA and I am convinced of what many have reiterated. There is a sports system and if you are outside of it you cannot participate in the competitions that are held under its framework.”, He explained in an interview for the Italian radio Anch’io Sport. “Legal and legal bodies will have to assess the issue, we will see how it develops, I do not know what the calendar will be”.

Evelina Christillin also spoke about the situation of the Italian Serie A and the salaries of the players. “Without a doubt it is necessary to reduce costs, the footballers’ association, being a union, does its job, but if no solution is found, Calcio runs the risk of being blown up,” he commented.

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