UEFA cancels Youth League due to coronavirus

The youth Champions League, the UEFA Youth League, has been canceled this Wednesday. The edition of this season, which was to start next week after being postponed to check the progress of the coronavirus pandemic and the measures of the governments, has finally been suspended due to the problems that many of the teams have to travel to certain countries. “The UEFA Executive Committee stressed that there is no possibility of postponing the start of the competition any longer and that the health and safety of youth players must be given the highest priority,” said the statement issued by the organization.

In that same statement, UEFA acknowledges that two clubs had already withdrawn from the competition before this measure was taken, although it does not reveal the names of the teams. Real Madrid, current champions, will not be able to fight to reissue the conquest they achieved last year at the hands of Raúl. The Whites were due to meet Manchester United in the first week of March. The other qualified Spanish clubs, Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Sevilla and Celta will also not be able to play their qualifiers against Dinamo Kiev, Midjylland, PSG and Ljubljana respectively.

In professional European competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League, UEFA has also encountered the problem of government restrictions and the inability of some teams, especially the English, to enter certain countries, including Spain. Atlético de Madrid will not be able to play their first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Chelsea at their home, Wanda Metropolitano, next Tuesday, as happens to Real Sociedad in their Europa League duel against Manchester United this Thursday. The rojiblancos meeting has been transferred to Bucharest while the Basques will travel to Turin. The game between Leipzig and Liverpool on Tuesday and Borussia Monchengladbach against Manchester City on Wednesday next week have had to move to Budapest. Also in the Europa League, the duel between Arsenal and Benfica will be played in Rome, and the match between Molde and Hoffenheim will be played at the La Cerámica stadium, Villarreal’s field, as the Germans were unable to enter. in Norway.

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