UEFA announces that Bilbao will not host the European Championship

San Mamés

The UEFA has officially communicated this Wednesday to the Basque institutions that the San Mamés stadium will not host the Bilbao headquarters in the next European Championship, after which these institutions have expressed their rejection of this decision and announced that they will ask to be financially compensated for the cancellation of the event.

Bilbao was one of the twelve venues initially designated by UEFA for the celebration between June 12 and July 12 next to Euro 2020 – postponed last year due to the pandemic – and San Mamés was going to host the matches of the Spanish team in the first phase of the championship.

The Bilbao headquarters was in doubt after UEFA stated that public attendance at stadiums was a prerequisite for hosting the competition, and the Basque Government established sanitary conditions against covid-19 to allow a 25% capacity in San Mamés that were very far from the current high parameters of the pandemic.

In a statement made public this afternoon, the Bilbao City Council, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government announced this UEFA’s “unilateral” decision, which they do not share, and announce that they will enforce the contract who signed with this body to request financial compensation.

“In Bilbao Euro 2020 will not be played. But we are not going to allow it to be played with Bilbao and with the Basque Institutions”, or what “the proven and long experience and capacity of the Basque authorities for the management and organization of events of international scope is called into question “, they underline.

The Basque institutions emphasize that they have acted with “responsibility” and fulfilled “each and every one” of the conditions and tasks indicated in the contract that was signed in 2014, and they think that UEFA has not offered a “convincing explanation” for the withdrawal. from the Bilbao headquarters. “There is none. UEFA knows this well and for that reason it has tried all these days for us to avoid going to litigation against that institution”, they expose.

They have added the contract that unites them with UEFA and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), as well as the official communication from UEFA, they are already “in the hands of the legal services of the so-called ‘Bilbao Headquarters’ for their study and assessment”.

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