Two Williams cannot with Valladolid

Marcelino has a mission: to regenerate Athletic. Sergio, a very different one: save Valladolid. In San Mamés he was left halfway, with a draw that for now takes his team out of the LaLiga relegation zone, although with a lot of work ahead. The final push served him to scratch the point he takes from Bilbao.

If Valladolid was looking for redemption in San Mamés, it was not noticed too much in the first half, in which he conceded a goal, was about to receive another one and stretched just a couple of times. In one of them he managed to score, but Weissman was offside. Faced with an Athletic undergoing reconstruction, in search of lost ambition, with a team similar to the one that won Atlético de Madrid, in which only Capa – seriously injured – and the sanctioned Vencedor, were missing, the pucelanos completed a first half that brushed infamy.

Athletic grabbed the ball from the beginning and did not release it; He arrived in the hot zone with unexpected comfort, without any pressure from Valladolid. With very dynamic wing players, Marcelino’s team boxed in, almost unintentionally, his rival, and scored early, at 15 minutes, when Morcillo, who has a cannon in his left leg, picked up a rebound on the edge of the area and outplayed Masip with a hard pitch, hitting the post.

The goal did not spur Valladolid, quite the contrary. It frightened him even more. He barely passed the midfield in the first thirty minutes, while Athletic threatened with the counterattack in each pucelana loss. Half an hour later, another Morcillo shell could have been the rojiblanco’s second goal, but Masip reacted to reject the shot. Only when Bilbao took a break, near half-time, did the visiting team stretch a bit, although without any benefit.

The Valladolid team had no choice but to react in the second half, and the game became more open, even entertaining at times. This time yes, Sergio’s team looked at Unai Simón’s goal. Óscar Plano tried right away, and received the goalkeeper’s answer; then Marcos André fired high from the edge of the area. Athletic responded with an arrival from Villalibre and a double shot from Iñigo Martínez. Masip answered the first with an excellent save, the second went off course.

Then Iñaki Williams’s little brother made his debut, Nico, 18 years old, Orellana tied, the smallest, with his head in a corner, Iñaki Williams came out to tuck the little one in the attack and gave the second goal pass to Raúl García after a formidable career. They were fast-paced minutes that culminated in the second pucelano draw that Weissman materialized. Valladolid increased the intensity in the final minutes, spurred on by the draw, and protested a hand from Iñigo Martínez that neither the referee nor the VAR conceded. He took a point from San Mamés that was only worked in a creditable second half.

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