Two penguins appear at the Bernabéu and provoke a barrage of mockery in networks: Isco, Hazard, Vinícius …

Penguins at the Bernabéu

The most surreal images of the week were seen this Wednesday in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home of Real Madrid, undergoing renovations for almost a year where two penguins have appeared. Some images that Javier Caireta-Serra has collected and that he has shared on his Twitter.

Without yet knowing what two Antarctic animals were doing walking through the works of the stadium in the center of Madrid, social networks have reacted in all imaginable ways in the face of such unlikely images. At first, many have wanted to remember the movie ‘Madagascar‘in which a group of penguins escape from the zoo and wander through the city.

While some were left on the sidelines of football joking, for example, that the penguins “they were still hungover since Filomena“Others did not want to waste the opportunity to mess with some Real Madrid footballers.

In focus, Isco Alarcon Y Eden Hazard, two footballers highly criticized for their physical shape and weight. “Better than Eaten Hazard”, playing with his name and ‘eat’ in English or “Isco visiting the works“were some of the comments with the most impact. Others also messed with Vinicius, wondering if, at least, the two new “signings” of Real Madrid have better definition than the brazilian.

Finally, others took the opportunity to rescue the Pro Evolution Soccer, remembering that a few years ago in that video game footballers could play dressed as penguins, literally.

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