Tsitsipas embroiders his first Masters 1000

Tsitsipas kisses the champion trophy, this Sunday in Monte Carlo.

Stefanos Tsitsipas’s stamp on the camera, “it all started in Monte Carlo”, invites us to go back to 1981, when his mother Julia, hammer and sickle on her flag, triumphed in the Principality tournament as a junior. Forty years from one extreme to the other. From joy to joy, the son picks up the baton and inscribes his name for the first time in the track record of a Masters 1000, after an expected high-voltage crossing and ends up becoming a delicious soliloquy because he embroiders it and Andrey Rublev, Already running out of gasoline, upset from the first to the last ball, he cannot find the map of the match and gets lost in the labyrinth drawn by the devastating tennis of the champion. Double 6-3, after 1h 11m of recital, and a new competitive stretch of the Greek, who with each passing day is closer to his natural space. The glory.

Monte Carlo underlines the tennis that is coming, that morning that was resisting and that, according to the latest events, seems to be already here. The young rise as the old guard concentrates on their domains, so the present uncovers the genius of the new generation. And in this, Tsitsipas has a lot to say, who after a few ramblings, too many social networks and too many misunderstandings for a couple of years, takes flight and at the age of 22, little by little, he is heading towards that dimension to which he points since the mane appeared in the elite, already having a Masters Cup and his first 1000 in his pocket. He is, in fact, the most regular tennis player of the season, not the one with the most wins (22) because Rublev rules there (24).

However, when this Sunday’s final arrived, the Russian (23 years old) lost inspiration. He accused the demanding route of the whole week (Bautista, Nadal …) and came across the exquisite proposal of Tsitsipas, much more complete and with a couple of more marches. The Greek shook him from beginning to end, exploring from all angles and positions; demonstrating, once again, that in addition to competing hard, he also enjoys playing on clay, and that that hit two years ago against Rafael Nadal at the Caja Mágica was not the result of chance. He has arguments to spare. Also the will. Fierce, offensive and with an exceptional shooting repertoire, if he manages to keep his focus and control his nerve he can soon bring more transcendent news.

He was denied the reward in a Masters 1000. He yielded in the finals of Montreal (2018) and Madrid (2019), and in Monte Carlo this Sunday he had the opportunity to finish off a golden week in which he made his way with authority (Karatsev, Garin, Davidovich, Evans …) until the final onslaught against Rublev. He skinned this one in a jiffy, snatching the service from the first and giving up only five points in the first set with his. Imposing serve (86% with firsts), the five in the world sniffed the emotional and tactical lack of temper of his adversary, and went for him (seven of the ATP) with everything. He ruled with the right and the reverse; square and bevel to one hand, with the reverse. A second break in the third game of the second set definitively unbalanced the duel and awarded him the laurel of the tournament, awarded without delivering a single set.

Don’t let anyone be caught unexpectedly. Tsitsipas may have something important to say for the next month and a half: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome … and Paris.

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