Trial against Christoph Metzelder: Lukas Podolski sharply criticizes the judgment

Lukas Podolski (35) has criticized the verdict in the child pornography trial against his former national team colleague Christoph Metzelder (40) as too mild.

“I have no understanding of the ten-month probation sentence,” said Podoslski, who played with Metzelder for the German national team from 2004 to 2008 picture. “It’s not about sending a signal to a prominent perpetrator. It’s about something like that should be punished more severely. Even a partial confession must not be an exoneration when it comes to child pornography!”

Metzelder was sentenced to a prison sentence of ten months on probation on Thursday before the Düsseldorf district court after only one day of hearing for the possession or forwarding of child and / or youth pornographic files.

“I lack the deterrent effect. Anyone who sins against children must be punished with all possible severity of the law,” said Podolski, who now plays for the Turkish club Antalyaspor. “For me there is hardly anything worse than these crimes against children. Anyone who has children of their own will judge it that way too. These acts are a shame.”

During the trial, Metzelder had confessed to the possession and forwarding of a total of 18 files. 297 files were found on his cell phone, which was seized in 2019.

Podolski: “These deeds are a shame”

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