Transfer fee leaked: How FC Admira earns from Sasa Kalajdzic

In addition to the transfer fee due in 2019, Admira continues to earn diligently from Kalajdzic’s services. This was announced by General Manager Sport Franz Wohlfahrt. Thanks to a gate clause, the club’s coffers in the southern part of the city fill up almost weekly.

Sasa Kalajdzic made her breakthrough at VFB Stuttgart this season. After he scored 13 Bundesliga goals for the Swabians, ÖFB team boss Franco Foda nominated him for the Austrian national team. Kalajdzic netted twice at the World Cup qualifying opener in Scotland, and he also scored against the Faroe Islands.

The interest in his person is known to be great. Several clubs are queuing up, but Kalajdzic raves about Liverpool. In any case, AC Milan has now apparently also switched to transfer poker. How reported, Kalajdzic could be crucial for the Rossoneri’s future planning. The tall Stuttgart goalgetter should long-term follow in the footsteps of superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose future is still unclear. Even with a contract extension, a Kalajdzic transfer would be conceivable because the Italians are working intensively on rejuvenating the squad.

Kalajdzic’s ex-club FC Admira is already making good profits on the 23-year-old. “I am not allowed to chat with you about specific contract contents. But you can safely assume that we have a reason to cheer every time he scores,” said Franz Wohlfahrt Stuttgart news leak out.

“We are all happy for him and are closely following his development. Because Sasa is a great boy – and because fortunately we also have business relationships with VfB,” explained Wohlfahrt, adding: “The more successfully he plays, the better it is for us.”

FC Admira probably collects a goal bonus for Kalajdzic

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