Total war in European football after the announcement of the Super League: teams, players and institutions, facing each other

The 12 founding teams of the Superliga

The Super league it is already a reality. Twelve of the most powerful clubs in the world broadcast at dawn this Sunday a statement that shocked the world of football and divided it between the defenders of the idea and the staunch opponents of the creation of a closed European league.

Three Spanish teams join the project. The Real Madrid, with Florentino Pérez As the great promoter of an idea that he has been working on for years and of which he will be the first president, he was the first to announce it last night. Barcelona Y Atlético de Madrid confirmed their membership as founding members. Next to them will be six english, perhaps as a way to convince clubs that were more reluctant to create a Super league. They are the two Manchester teams (United and City), Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. The so-called Big Six. The controversy is served, because the Spurs (who threw Mourinho this Monday) have not won an English league since 1961, while the Gunners are in the middle of the table of the Premier league. Both have also never won the European Cup.

Three Italian teams have also signed up: Juventus, Milan and Inter Milan. However, there have also been several refusals to the project. The most important, those of Bayern and PSG. But also from Borussia Dortmund and Porto.

“FC Bayern has not participated in the planning of a Super league. I do not believe that the Super League is going to solve the economic problems of the European clubs derived by the coronavirus, “the Bavarian team put in a statement. “We are convinced that the current model of football guarantees a serious base. Bayern welcomes the reforms of the Champions”, added the Munich team, positioning itself, at least for the moment, on the side of UEFA.

Although the most forceful reaction came from UEFA, the great harmed and confirmed the threats that he hinted at on Sunday. “We are evaluating the situation with our legal team. It is still early because they announced it last night. We are going to impose all the sanctions that we can as soon as possible, remove them from all competitions and prohibit players from participating in ours,” said its president yesterday, Aleksander ceferin, hinting at a veto for the next European Championship that starts in June. “A few days ago we received an interesting proposal and they said that there was nothing to talk about. This has to do with greed, selfishness and narcissism of some,” he insisted.

The rumors about possible sanctions did not stop yesterday, and there was even speculation that three of the four semifinalists of the Champions League, those targeted to the Super League, would be disqualified from this year’s edition. “I hope UEFA bans Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea from playing in the Champions League semi-finals”, he released Jesper moller, member of the UEFA Executive Committee and President of the Danish Federation.

On Spain, the block opposite to the Super league it is very numerous. Practically all the professional teams (First and Second division) issued separate statements positioning themselves on the side of The league and against the new competition. And the Government of Pedro Sánchez issued another rejecting the idea. “The Government of Spain does not support the initiative to create a Super league promoted by several European clubs, including three Spanish “, says the letter, which explains the negotiations of the Secretary of State for Sports.” Rodríguez Uribes has spoken with the presidents of the UEFA, RFEF, LaLiga, as well as with the presidents of FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid “.

The British Prime Minister, Boris johnson, also expressed its position against and said that it will do “everything it can” to avoid it, while the European Commission said it did not agree with the “values“of the tournament, but avoided commenting on possible competition problems.

And while, former footballers and active players also spoke out, the vast majority against the project. Since Luis Figo (UEFA and LaLiga ambassador) to Ander Herrera (PSG player) or Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United), passing through Mesut Özil, Gary Neville or Serge Aurier. European football is divided and at war.

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