Toni Kroos on corona disease: EM? “Of course I’ll be ready”

Toni Kroos from Real Madrid has in his podcast Just lift it openly told of temporary weight gain during his vacations.

“When I have four weeks of vacation, I say for two weeks: You can lick my ass, I eat what I want, I drink what I want. Just no football. The result is that I knowingly gain weight”, said Kroos.

How does it go on then? “For the next two weeks until the start of training, I’ll go down, eat a lot, a lot less, just drink more water, do runs and manage to get rid of those two to three kilos. My vacation plan is: first consciously gain weight, then consciously lose weight.”

Kroo’s goal is “to come back from vacation and not weigh more than before. That didn’t always work, but it was never more than one, or one and a half kilos more.” After his career, Kroos wants to stay “fit and sporty”: “That is what I expect.”

For the EM, Kroos, who tested positive for the corona virus on Monday, is not a wobbly candidate: “Of course I’ll be ready. I can say that much,” he said. From May 28th to June 6th, the DFB team will have a training camp in Seefeld. Ideally, they could “arrive as normal. If it takes two or three days longer, it will take two or three days longer”.

Kroos on EM: “Of course I’ll be ready”

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