To a gray Madrid everything comes out

Football and its circumstances. On so many more unforeseen than anticipated occasions. Madrid was planted in Bergamo anguished by so many casualties and anxious about a rival of those who are not abundant, of those who live with bare chest and are a hieroglyph. Soon, out of heartbreak. Faces for Real and crosses for Atalanta. The referee was terminal in just a quarter of an hour with the hasty expulsion of Freuler. Ahead, 80 minutes against 10. And without the attacker Zapata ahead, injured before half an hour. The red to Freuler was caused by an affair by Mendy, who is not a Christian. And the goal, when the duel lowered the blind, was the work of Mendy with a shot to Messi from the balcony of the area. And if Messi did not seem at all, it is because Mendy is as left-handed as Rosario, but he sang bingo with a right hand.

There was no time to see the more natural Atalanta, the one that revolts on the run against anyone. First, because from the outset he was anesthetized by Madrid, taking refuge in the ball, a mission for which Zidane took Isco out of his savings to the detriment of Mariano. Real tied the ball and his opponent, who is in the game, ran out of combustion. He didn’t have time to turn up the volume. A tricky German referee blew away Atalanta. Vinicius quoted Mendy at the sprint and Freuler dropped the Frenchman before he crossed into the area. It was not a clear goal position. Mendy, who was not going in a straight line, had a long way to go. But there are easy deck judges. The card to Freuler shaved Atalanta.

Upset and helpless Gasperini’s team by a fussy expulsion at 17 minutes, the challenge was doomed to a Copernican turn. Madrid, with its nine injured in tow, started out more profiled to manage the duel than to close it. Against 10 so prematurely he felt it was time to take the chain off his rival. No waiting for the return in case the infirmary clears up. Of course, in Bergamo there were hardly any explosives on the field. Vinicius, Asensio and Isco are not. In front, Atalanta, a team that has been in transit for two courses by the European elite for its revolutionary and shirtless bet. The uncover is going, but the shock left him no choice but to be what he is not: a macho and solid frame to defend. Just what does not suit the Real, who chokes closed rooms.

The change of script forced by the referee – also very lightly to admonish Casemiro and prevent him from playing the second leg – made the match take a long time to square. The two sets took their time to correct themselves. The Italian group was still thinking about it when they received a second spanking. Shortly before half an hour, Zapata, a forward with a powerful body, melted. A muscle cracked and the stretcher cracked.

Between regret and local regret, Madrid little by little was enchironando Atalanta, led by the Argentine central Romero. Nacho put Gollini, the local goal, on alert. Isco, forced from the start to be a nine orthopedic, took ease. He approached the goal with a shot at the turn. And with a touch that evoked the Isco who dressed as Houdini so many times, he called Vinicius with the first goal, but the Brazilian was deflected by the shot. With no news from Courtois, the visitors’ only shot on goal came within a blink of an interval. Gollini’s ball exploded in the chest after a Kroos-style free kick from Kroos.

Atalanta, an adventurous team like few others, became increasingly cloistered without the ball. With it he was forced to moving efforts, to a worn sole crash. Zidane threw the noose to Mariano for Vinicius in search of charging the local area with lead. With the relief done before time, the French coach no longer had first-team field players left in the stands. As screwing Mariano near the goal was not productive, the Frenchman ended up sending the other two starting forwards to the stands: Arribas and Hugo Duro, two youngsters from Castilla, by Isco and Asensio. As already happened in Valladolid, a radical change in the vanguard. The crater without Benzema is considerable.

Resistant to Gasperini’s squad, Madrid attacked worse and worse, with more entanglements. Rather than glimpse the spaces, they were blocked. It was never crystal clear. He did not hit the key to unsettle an opponent who so easily misaligned. Sure, this time they had forced him into a tiring role. Just when Gasperini punished Ilicic, with a round trip to the bench, Mendy, the man of the day, put in sight the quarters for Madrid. The Frenchman, so left-handed him, caught a warped shot from outside the area and ended Atalanta’s survival exercise, which for once in his recent life he never finished.

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