Thuram and racism in Spain: “Calling a Negro ‘Negro’ is not racism, it is something cultural”

Lilian thuram

Lilian thuram, former footballer among other FC Barcelona clubs and world champion with France in 1998, considers that “it is very important to denounce “the problems of racism in football because if you do not do it, the message is transmitted to the viewers that “it is something normal”.

“On the subject of racism there are people who are in a certain neutrality when neutrality does not exist. If you do not denounce racism it means that you keep society as it is and you accept it“, Thuram pointed out during the online seminar ‘Preventing racism in sport / Promoting inclusion through sport’ organized by the Bilbao city council.

The former player, promoter of the foundation that bears his name in order to promote a non-xenophobic education, recalled that in his time as a player in Italy, at Juventus and Parma, “there were fans who made monkey noises“and he urged his teammates and the club to denounce them publicly.

“Most of the players and managers told me ‘nothing’s wrong, it’s not serious.’ They didn’t realize that they participated in which things will not change. That is why things do not change. Because the people who should fight to end racism they have the prejudice that nothing happens and it is not serious“, he denounced.

He added that in Spain he found that “calling a black ‘black’ is not racism, it is something cultural.” “But the interesting thing is that the same people don’t say ‘huh white’. People who must find solutions do not realize that they themselves are loaded with prejudice and they do not understand that prejudice because it is cultural, “he explained.

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