This was Allegri’s sit-in for Florentino to sign for Juventus

File photo showing coach Massimiliano Allegri during a match.

The plan of the Real Madrid to occupy his bench after the departure of Zinedine Zidane consisted of starting an official negotiation with Massimiliano Allegri once the position of coach of the white team is vacant. However, his sudden transfer to the Juventus it changed everything.

As reported in ACE, Juve would not have had time to convince Allegri if Zidane had left Real Madrid before, as the Italian coach had the two offers on the table. The problem was that Allegri began to get nervous at the possibility of rejecting Juve and staying without training for an entire season. So Before Zidane announced his goodbye, the transalpine had already ruled out Inter Milan and had a Juventus ultimatum to sign.

The sequence of events is completed on Wednesday afternoon, when Zidane confirms his departure to Florentino Pérez and Real Madrid warns Allegri that the position is vacant. However, the Italian informs the white club that he is going to accept Juve’s offer.

As the sources consulted by ACE, Allegri’s contract was already drawn up by Real Madrid and he would have earned more in the Spanish team than in Juventus. Florentino now has to pull a battery of plans b, which go through Conte, Pochettino or even Raúl.

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