This is the protocol for the return of the public to the stadiums: distance, mask and closed bars

Atlético de Madrid fans in the stands of the Wanda Metropolitano.

LaLiga continues with its idea of open the stadiums to the public for the last four days, starting May 9.

The percentage of fans who will be able to access the stands or how the clubs will distribute the tickets has not been revealed, but some details of the security protocol are already known to facilitate the return of the fans to the stadiums.

Will be mask mandatory, in addition to the need to maintain a safety distance of two meters.

Likewise, they pointed out in ‘El Partidazo’ of Cadena Cope, travel will not be allowed, so the stands will be open exclusively to the local fans.

Entrances and exits to the stadium will be staggered and, to avoid crowds or someone removing their mask, the bars inside the stadiums will remain closed.

These are the essential norms of the protocol that the League is detailing, although there are still fringes to polish to present it officially.

The news of the return of the public to the stadiums has not been equally embedded in the different Autonomous Communities, and it is that, given the serious situation of the Basque Country in terms of the incidence of Covid-19, the Basque Government has ensured that nowadays the return of the fans is not possible.

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