This is how the referee lived the grotesque extra minute of Sevilla – Granada: “My clock has stopped”

From Burgos Bengoetxea, at Sevilla - Granada

As much as technology reaches football, many times there are imponderables that affect the development of matches. The last example was lived in the Sevillegrenade that the Nervionenses took and that maintains them as one of the great alternatives to the big three.

There was a minute to go when the referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea he whistled the end. His assistants were surprised, because according to their accounts another was still missing, and they let him know. The Granada players also went to him because they knew they still had a margin, and since they were attacking 2-1 against, they believed in the tie.

The situation got out of hand. Lopetegui said that “no, that’s it”. The referee asked the linesmen for help, who got him out of the error and while some footballers had already taken off their socks. The referee could only apologize, but the minute was over playing. This is how he lived it, how the program’s always incisive camera captured it ‘The day after‘:

“What has stopped me!” said the referee, trying to justify himself, while trying to solve the ballot. In the end, that extra minute took almost 8: Acuña had taken off his shoes, Fernando had already changed his shirt With a rival, the interview sets already occupied a piece of the field … There were not even the ball boys, who had already retired.

The collegiate explained in the minutes of the match what happened: “Due to a timing error, and although I had indicated that 4 additional minutes would be played, I indicated the end of the match at minute 93. After being warned of the error by my referee team, I asked the local team to return to the field of play in order to play the remaining minute to be disputed. After playing that previously undisputed minute, I indicated the end of the game without any other incident. “

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