This is how the players of Paris Saint-Germain lived the robberies of the families of Di María and Marquinhos

Ángel Di María, PSG player

Last Sunday the squad of Paris Saint-Germain lived a fateful night. The current champions of Ligue 1 stumbled through the league in their chase to the lead against one of the weakest rivals in the championship, and they saw how the families of two of their players suffered from assaults on their houses while they disputed the match against Nantes.

Despite the fact that the game started well with Pochettino’s men going ahead before the break, in the dressing room it was already beginning to feel that something was happening, and the concern was greater for it than for what was happening in the green. It was at halftime when the news reached the club that Ángel Di María’s family was suffering a robbery at their homeAlthough they could not be sure of it until the second half began.

15 minutes after the restart, that effect of uncertainty began to be felt in the players with Nantes’ equalizing goal. Shortly after, the sports director Leonardo came down from the box to the bench to speak with the coach and ask him to retire the midfielder, who was seen crying in the Parc des Princes, confirming players’ suspicions that something was wrong. However, the board did not yet have all the details of what had happened.

The withdrawal of Di María from the field only increased nervousness and doubts among the players, who they believed that the Argentine’s family had been kidnapped. Less than ten minutes after they left the field, Nantes took the lead.

However, the situation it did not end up being as dramatic as you might think, suspecting that the woman and the daughters had been kidnapped from their home. His wife Jorgelina, in fact, did not get to see the thieves and realized the robbery when they had already left their home. But if this situation wasn’t enough, it was aggravated by the trauma That left him a kidnapping that they lived in 2015 when they lived in Manchester that, fortunately, did not reach more.

On the contrary, yes it was more serious what happened that same night with the Marquinhos family. The Brazilians were also victims of an assault on their home in which the player’s father was attacked. In this case, PSG learned of the facts when the situation was already under control, with the police present, who have already opened an investigation for both cases present at the home.

It was for that, and for not generate even more nervousness in the team, that the club decided that its captain would remain on the pitch for the rest of the game, trying to maintain a relative normality.

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