This is how the 2,000 million euros of the Champions League are distributed: fixed payment, prizes for results, ranking of coefficients and ‘market pool’

2020/21 Champions League round of 16 draw

The most important tournament in the world at club level, the Champions League, has been watching how different teams in Europe fight for more than 60 years to be proclaimed champions of the most reputed competition on the continent, or at least to be able to participate. Not only because of the prestige it grants, but because it is also the competition where the teams they can get more economic profit for the more than 2,000 million euros distributed by UEFA among the participants.

Specifically, they are 2,040 million that end up being distributed among the 32 teams that manage to access the Champions League, ensuring a minimum of 15.25 million as a fixed amount for each club. Both this and the rest of the figures increased since last season in which UEFA established its new profit system.

Regarding the awards for results, the competition increases the amount awarded to the teams as the phase progresses. In fact, not only for going through the knockout phase, but also for winning a game and even drawing in the group stage, the teams receive a good economic sum.

Another large part of the income of the teams in the Champions League comes directly from the so-called ‘market pool‘, the system by which each country is awarded or linked a value, depending on its importance for television rights. A specific amount of the total 292 million willing, that each country receives and that distributes among their teams representatives in the competition.

This amount will be distributed in a 50% for teams based on the number of games played in the Champions League, Meanwhile he The remaining 50% will depend on the team’s classification in its domestic league. In the case of LaLiga, which has four different teams, the first classified takes 40%, the second 30%, the third 20% and the fourth the remaining 10%.

The last variable that conditions the income of the teams is the coefficient ranking, the last source of income that UEFA established, based on performance over the last ten years. A total of 585 million euros is distributed and divided thanks to the so-called ‘coefficient quotas‘worth 1.1 million each.

The last team in this ranking will receive one quota, and each position above will receive one more quota. That way, the team with the worst coefficient will receive a quota of 1.1 million, while the one with the best will receive 32, adding a 35.46 million maximum euros in this section.

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