Thibaut Courtois praises the management of Isabel Díaz Ayuso during the pandemic

Thibaut Courtois, during a Real Madrid match

Thibaut Courtois speak for The world, in an interview in which he reviews the last year of his life, in the midst of a pandemic and with all that that has conditioned the day-to-day of any person, but focusing on his way of handling the health crisis. A talk in which the goalkeeper of the Real Madrid did not hesitate to praise the management of the Madrid’s community, headed by Isabel Diaz Ayuso, especially in relation to the hospitality sector.

“The first period until May was difficult. I didn’t see my family until July. Now in Madrid everything is quite open, it is a normal life, in quotes. I go to train, I take the children to their activities, I go out to eat … I have almost the same life”, Thibaut Courtois explained when referring to his day-to-day life in the middle of the pandemic. “I think that the management that has been had in Madrid has been good, the hospitality people in the end are grateful that everything is open because they have been able to work. I have friends in Belgium who are hoteliers and cannot work. It’s fucked up.

In addition, the Real Madrid goalkeeper admits that after so long in the capital of Spain he considers himself more of a Madrilenian and talks about his plans for the future. “In total I’ve been here for almost six years and I’m delighted. I have bought a plot to build my future home and always live in the city. Above all, I am Belgian, of course, but I also feel like a Madrilenian. I owe a lot to Spain, I have my children here and I speak Spanish with them ”.

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