They evicted the Australian Open headquarters due to the confinement of Melbourne

The Government of Victoria, the Australian state of which Melbourne is the capital, announced on Friday a five-day confinement due to a covid outbreak detected at the airport and that, for the moment, affects 13 people. Despite the announcement, the day of Australian Open continued normally, knowing that spectators will not be able to attend until next Thursday, but at eleven o’clock at night, the tournament organization asked the public by public address to leave the track and the Melbourne Park facilities because at 23.59 the decree of the authorities, and at that time they should be at their homes.

In this way, the match that was being played at that time between Noval Djokovic and Taylor Fritz continued, but progressively the stands were emptied and the players retired to the changing rooms for a few minutes at the request of the chair umpire, Australian John Blom . “They must leave the Rod Laver Arena, or else the match will not continue,” he warned. Some attendees reacted with boos, but they were withdrawn until only the indispensable personnel, the tennis players and their respective teams remained.

At that moment, the number one commanded by two sets to one against the American, but had suffered a muscular mishap that affected him both in the serve and in the rallies and in the fourth set his rival dominated him 3-2. Visibly in pain, Nole had clashed with some fans on several occasions.

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