They ask for 30 years in prison for two footballers for stabbing a rival after a match

San Fernando de Estepona football field

Two players from the El Palo B team will face a global tax petition of 30 years in prison for a crime of attempted murder to a 24-year-old player from the Alhaurín de la Torre B club after a match between the two held in Malaga on March 20, 2016.

One of the defendants was captain of the El Palo B team, and the events date back to the day when a soccer field in the Malaga neighborhood of Palo was played on Third Regional meeting between El Palo B and the Alhaurín de la Torre team.

The attacked soccer player suffered two stabs, which affected one to the chest and the other near the heart, and has lost quality of life since it makes specific activities impossible and requires periodic evaluations of his cardiological status because your scar is liable to cause arrhythmias, thrombi and heart failure, among others.

One of the defendants is accused of attempted murder and threats and faces 14 years, while the prosecutor raises the petition for the partner to 16 years for injuries with dangerous instrument and attempted murder. In the accusatory account, to which Efe has had access, the prosecutor maintains that the defendants agreed to kill the victim when the game was over.

During the meeting, there were tension between the captain of the Palo team and the victim, captain of the other team, and the defendant “took an excessive aggressive attitude” towards the opponent, whom he threatened to kill on several occasions. He said phrases like “I am going to kill you“,”Do you see the minutes?” Y “When the minutes go by I’ll kill you, let’s meet outside, I’ll wait for you“.

Said set piece process addressed the victim again in minute 61 and gave him a header, knocking him down, for which he was cautioned and shortly after he was replaced by another player. The defendant took off his official shirt and went to the stands area, where some of his acquaintances were and there continued with death threats.

Among these people was the other defendant, who was also a player on his team (but who had not been summoned for that meeting) and, according to the prosecutor, they agreed to kill him when the game was over.

At the end of the match, with the victory of El Palo B, the captain was invited by the coaching staff of his team to take to the field to celebrate the victory of his team and the other defendant, even though he had not played, also entered. At one point, when the victim was congratulating the winning players and coaches, one of the defendants grabbed him by the neck and immobilized him and stabbed him twice with a knife.

The accusatory account indicates that other people from the group of defendants in the stands They also jumped into the field to attack the victim while she was immobilized but the team and field officials as well as coaches and players tried to prevent the continuous blows she received while on the ground.

As a consequence, the Competition Committee of the Malagueña Federation decided withdraw the license of the two players in April 2016.

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